Is your child struggling with social connection, focus
and attention, mood changes, picky eating, or sensory issues?

  Stop spending countless hours researching how to help your child with autism, ADHD, mood disorders, or sensory issues…Let’s chat!
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Your child may be struggling with:

Communicating easily
Sensory issues
Interacting with kids and family
Following directions or focusing on tasks
Hyperactivity or impulsivity
Anxiety or depression 
Picky eating

Your child can overcome these issues with:

  • Targeted foods
  • Therapeutic herbs and supplements
  • An individualized plan 

Every child is unique. I can help to uncover the root issues that are causing your child to act out or “misbehave”. Together, we will develop goals that are doable for your family, so that your child will be feeling their best in no time! 

Hi! I’m Shannon

a functional, holistic nutritionist and mom, who has helped my own children to overcome struggles with autism, sensory processing disorder, and ADHD. I help overwhelmed parents find hope with challenging health conditions like autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, mood disorders, and picky eating through practical food and lifestyle changes that bring relief. 

If you’d like to learn more about my family’s health journey and why I got into nutrition, click here to read more about me.

Lets connect to discuss how nutrition and
holistic health can help your child!

Discovery Call

Want to learn more about how nutrition can help your child feel their best? Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call, so we can discuss your goals and you can learn more about how we’d work together.

Initial Consultation

Are you ready to start helping your child now? Book a 90 minute initial consultation where we’ll meet through video conferencing. We’ll discuss your child’s health history in-depth and develop goals together that fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Follow-up Consultations

These appointments are determined by the outcome of the initial consultation.